Blue Jeans Cable Canare 4S11 Speaker Cable, with Ultrasonically-Welded Bi-Wire Terminations (One Cable – for one Speaker); Assembled in The USA (10 Foot, Two Spades to Four Bananas, Grey)

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Product Description

Blue Jeans Cable -- Professional cable assemblyBlue Jeans Cable -- Professional cable assembly

4S11 grey, two spades to four bananas4S11 grey, two spades to four bananas

BJC Speaker Cable, made with Grey 4S11, bi-wire terminations, Two Spades to Four Bananas

At Blue Jeans Cable, we were never happy with the conventional methods of attaching speaker cable to terminals. Setscrews are fine, but lack pull strength; compression connections are never as strong as they look like they’re going to be; and solder, on large high-mass connectors, is slow going and tends to cause a lot of insulation meltback. Our solution: ultrasonic welding. Our Sonobond Ultrasonic Welder (made in West Chester, PA) welds the copper wire to the brass banana plug or copper spade lug body without the excessive heat associated with conventional welding, fusing metal to metal in a tight, strong, low-resistance, reliable connection.

Bi-Wired Terminations:

This cable is made with two spade lugs on the amplifier end and four banana plugs on the speaker end, for use in bi-wired setups. If you’re looking for a cable with just two connectors on each end, we offer those as well — search our listings.

Ultrasonic-Welded Speaker Connectors: a Blue Jeans Cable exclusive feature

Raw spade and banana for ultrasonic weldingRaw spade and banana for ultrasonic welding

Sonobond Ultrasonic Welder at Blue Jeans Cable, SeattleSonobond Ultrasonic Welder at Blue Jeans Cable, Seattle

Close-up of weld on a banana plugClose-up of weld on a banana plug

Spade lug welded to copper wireSpade lug welded to copper wire

The Connectors

Here are our spade and banana connectors prior to assembly. Notice anything? There’s no attachment mechanism for the wire — no set screws, no clamps, nothing but a channel for the wire to sit in. We designed these connectors specifically for ultrasonic welding.

The Welder

This is one of our Sonobond Ultrasonic Welders, in our Seattle shop. Unlike heat-based methods of welding, it drives a large amount of ultrasonic vibration into the junction between the wire and the plug, fusing them together.

The Welded Banana

Here’s a banana plug body after welding. The surface structure of the wire breaks down during welding, allowing dissimilar metals to fuse. The resulting weld has extremely low contact resistance and high pull strength. Once assembled with its locking collar, the plug can be very securely fastened within a binding post by tightening the collar, driving the splines apart.

The Welded Spade

Our welded spades are cut from sheet copper, and then gold-plated. They’re made with a 25 degree angle between the shaft and spade, but because they’re copper rather than brass, they can be re-bent as needed for your installation.

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ October 27, 2021
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Blue Jeans Cable
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09KJ93QZ9

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