E-outstanding PC Motherboard Buzzer 4PCS BIOS Alarm Beeper Computer Case Speaker for Award/AMI/POENIX BIOS Internal Code Beep Speaker

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(as of Apr 01,2024 23:24:23 UTC – Details)

The PC motherboard buzzer can reflect common problems according to different sounds when the computer is turned on or the system starts normally. In the absence of a multimedia system, you can use the built-in mini speaker in the PC case to hear the PC boot code to ensure that everything is normal.

The general meaning of AWARD BIOS ringing:
1 short: The system starts normally.
2 short: general error, please enter CMOS settings, reset error options.
1 long and 1 short: RAM or motherboard error, please try other memory, if it does not work, please replace the motherboard.
1 long and 2 short: monitor or display card error.
1 long and 3 short: keyboard controller error.
1 long and 9 short: motherboard Flash RAM or EPROM error, BIOS damage. Try another Flash RAM.
Continuous sound (long sound): The memory is not tightened or damaged.
Keep ringing: Connect power, monitor and graphics card, check all plugs.
Repeat short bell: power supply problem.
No sound and no display: power supply problem.

Packing quantity:
4PCS PC Beep Speakers
The sound of the buzzer can be used to determine the working status of the motherboard.
Two 6 cm long wires, red and black, can keep the inside of the PC box tidy.
The 4Pin female plugs with a pitch of 2.54mm are directly inserted into the speaker interface of the motherboard, which is easy to operate.
Using BIOS alerts, you can easily get feedback without installing multimedia, quickly find problems or ensure normal startup.

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