Webcam, 360 Video Conference Camera, 4K All-in-one Conference Room Camera with Speaker and Microphone, Meeting Room Camera, AI Speaker Tracking and Noise Cancellation, Teams,Zoom

Price: $699.00 - $599.00
(as of Mar 29,2024 18:32:57 UTC – Details)

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[Voice Tracking and 4 Mics] The COOLPO video conference camera uses cutting-edge AI to track multiple people at once while automatically focusing on the active speaker. Intelligent Zoom optimizes screen space, adjusting focus and display frame according to the highlighted participants. This smart meeting camera records voices clearly up to 15 feet away thanks to its 4 high-quality microphones. Collaboration is encouraged by the 360° COOLPO all-in-one conference camera, allowing you to transform spaces into opulent hybrid meeting setups.
[Secure USB Plug and Play Connect] Prioritizing security, the COOLPO video conference camera features a secure physical USB connection, eliminating the risk of privacy invasion associated with wireless connections. This conference room camera, with its extended cable option, mirrors the setup of a standard Coolpo AI Huddle Pana cable. Choose the COOLPO conference camera as your audio and video conferencing equipment for a safer meeting environment.
[Stand-Alone AI] COOLPO’s advanced edge computing technology stores product algorithms and firmware within the camera’s hardware, enabling all data processing to occur locally, without the need for external data transfers. COOLPO’s MeetingFlex AI is developed using in-house owned and generated training data, ensuring no additional data is required from users. These strong security measures ensure this high level of privacy protection.
[After Sale Service] Please get in touch with the COOLPO professional customer service team at any time if you need any additional information, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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